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Tour goods and fan items sale

Hello, I'm relocating soon so I need to reduce my belongings. I have a lot of tour goods and fan goods collected from years ago, most of which are unused and kept in good condition. I'm selling everything in their original price or lower, so please take a look at the list and I hope you'll find something you like!

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Sorry, no translations today. Just a bit of an update as to what I'm doing right now.

I promised to post the remaining chapter from Pati Pati two weeks ago, and it is finished, but I'm sorry I haven't had time to edit/look at it again since. I'm actually doing the translation for Asakura's Report for EnY website and since this one is more urgent, I decided to drop the other one for the time being. ^^;

Well, why urgent? Because the concert is starting this Sunday! But not only that, EnY is also planning something for Jan/Feb that involves the Asakura Report, so I gotta finish that as soon as I can or we will never be able to announce it. XD We won't wait for all 4 chapters to be posted online and translated before we announce it, but as soon as the first two are ready, we'll make the post. :D The first chapter is currently being edited by my very trusty partner, Gekka_no_neko, and I have also finished the second chapter so we'll post those up soon on EnY~~! I will probably do another post then, coz I REALLY want to discuss the story! *itching to do so* XDD I was blown away by the depth of it and the amount of background research done!! Impressive indeed~ Though it was a b**** to translate. XDD I think there is no more need to say anything else here, since he has been cursed sufficiently by all the others fans who have translated this Report. XD XD

Once I finish these Reports, I promise I'll go over the Pati Pati translation and put them up. (If nothing else comes up to distract me >.>;) Some people have asked me if I'm doing the other articles, and er, the answer is no. ^^; I've read half of the Arena (Special) article, but it contains pretty much the same information as Pati Pati, so I won't translate that. I will probably do the minor sections like the PV interview and whatnots tho. :D Haven't read Fool's Mate yet, but most likely it will have the same contents too. I have not read the Arena Jan issue that was released today, so I don't know what the contents are, but I think I will do that instead... Even Arena won't have him on the cover twice in a row and interview him on the same topics. >.> I'll pop by the bookstore and see if it's worth translating. ^^ I'm sort of eyeing those tv shows that he's been on recently as well, but I don't know if anybody else has attempted to translate them.

That's it for my translation schedule (lol) for now. Ambitious, I r!! If there's any specific article you want me to translate, leave a word and I'll see if I can do it. :D

Concerts. It seems like there's gonna be a lot of foreigners going to his concerts this year! I'm going to quite a few as well, so give me a poke if you are going to any and let's see if we can meet up! ^^ I will post the concert reports on EnY as well, so keep a lookout for those~ (always looking for opportunities to pimp our website XD XD) Oh, and we accept other concert reports/reviews as well, so if you want to contribute yours to our website, email us. :D For those who are going to Misato this Sunday, have fun!!
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2008 Nov Pati Pati Chap. 1 Part 1

I bought the Pati Pati magazine last Saturday and was so excited to read the first real article about Gackt in a year that I decided to translate it right away. Between class and work, that is. XD

The article is separated into two chapters. The first one is about Jesus and the second one is about the tour. I wanted to finish the whole chapter before putting it up, but I thought I should post it first while I'm still all geared up over it. I'm hoping to finish the rest of Chp 1 by this weekend and Chp 2 by next week. :D

This translation is not the full edited version because it will take me much longer to finish it otherwise. I've only gone through the translation once (I usually do it about 2-3 times before posting any of my translations up!), so some parts might not be very smooth. I won't post the edited version here, but over at EnY so go check it out in a few weeks if you want to read the nice, fully-complete fully-edited version.

In the meantime, if you are as desperate as I was for Gackt articles, here you go~ XD

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Eien no Yume 2008 Spring Contest

Hello, fellow fans! ^^ Just wanted to let you know that our Eien no Yume website is currently holding a contest. The contest started er, 15 minutes ago lol and it will end in 48 hours. You can view the details of the contest as well as the questions itself on our LJ community site.

We will be giving away as the top prize the new Taiga Drama Documentary DVD 天翔る龍の如く, featuring 60 minutes of male hotness. XD You can view the DVD preview on the official website, We will also be giving away as consolation prizes to the 2nd and 3rd place winners, a $10 and $5 gift certificate respectively (2nd place can choose from YesAsia, Amazon Japan, or HMV Japan; 3rd place can choose from Amazon Japan or HMV Japan.)

We welcome any and all participants, regardless of age and nationality. Do try it out even if it’s just for fun and even if you don’t know all the answers! We wish you good luck and we hope you will enjoy doing the quiz!

(Sorry for the multiple entries everywhere!)
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Additional information on Maiko High School

Oh geez, I should just do this already before I forget again. >.>

I've read the articles in the May and June issue of Arena 37. They only had one or two pages of Gackt in each issue, so I don't intend to buy them. ^^;; But here are a few things I remember from the articles.

They talked about the graduation ceremony in Maiko High School here. It's pretty much the same as the one Oricon Style wrote (translation here) previously, except there were a few more details. *whips out notebook* (Yes, I had to take notes XD;;)

- Apparently, Gackt pretended to reject the student at first. He wrote an email to him saying, "I'm sorry, it's 99.9% impossible." Cheeky, I say. XD XD

- He actually went to Kobe on 27th Feb, one day before the graduation ceremony, to rehearse. He arrived at night, went straight to the school for rehearsal and appeared on the ceremony on the 28th. Of course, none of the students knew about this.

- During/After the rehearsal, the teachers objected to him performing on the ceremony. It seems like, graduation being the last day, they didn't want the attention and memory of the day to be taken by Gackt. But the teachers who agreed (Fans, I'm telling you!! XD) managed to persuade the others. If I remember correctly, it was a marginal win too. ^^;;

- When Gackt went up the stage, he actually said this, "涼、約束を守ったからな!" (See, Ryou, I kept my promise!), which I personally thought was the one of the coolest things he has ever said.

They talked about the drama that he is going to be in next year. In this one, nobody knew that Gackt was going to be in it either, not even the press. ^^ They didn't write the names on the tables, and the names of the actors were revealed only after the press conference has started. Gackt was the last one to be called up the stage and there was an instant uproar. x3

If anyone intends to buy the magazines and does not mind scanning them from me, I don't mind translating the full article for you guys. :3 Just that I've spoiled all the good parts already. XD XD
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March 2006 Oricon Style

It feels weird to be writing here again after such a long abscence. @@

I'm sorry I haven't been releasing any translations for such a long period of time. ^^; I've been busy with personal stuff recently, and didn't have much time to do anything else. I'm still going to be busy from here on, but I hope I'll be able to take more time out to translate Gackt's articles. Even if it's like, at snail's pace. XD XD

So, please bear with me, and I hope you'll still look forward to reading the translations. ^^

On to the translation~! This is an article from Oricon Style (27 March issue) and they talked about his visit to the high school in Kobe. :D It's pretty short and the content is quite light, so I hope you'll enjoy reading them. I've also typed out the lyrics of the song he wrote for the event and you can read it below. I have no intention of translating them though, so if anyone is willing to do them, they are more than welcome to. ^^

I don't have a scanner anymore, so I took pictures of the article with my camera instead. ^^;; Sorry about that. You can also find the pictures below. ^^

1. Please DO NOT take my translations and use them for whatever reason, without my permission.
2. Please DO NOT publish my translations elsewhere without my permission. Please kindly link back if you want, but DO NOT copy and paste them.
3. Please kindly spare a few minutes and COMMENT if you read it. What are your thoughts of it?

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The lyrics of this song are really touching and I do hope someone can translate it for the other fans who don't understand Japanese. The interviewer is right though, the image of school and graduation is very strong in this song. They manage to bring that out very well here. I wish I can hear him sing it too...

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And this is on behalf of Taliana, a short Seki-Ray forum announcement for those who might have missed it... I know it's a little late. >.>

Hello, if you are a member of either the Pieces forum or the Seki-Ray forum, please read this, and please pass it onto anyone you know of who is a member at either place:

Both forums are currently offline as we are moved to a bigger, better and faster server. We apologise that you weren't notified about this downtime, we ourselves didn't know it was going to happen until it was already offline and being moved.

We don't know how long the move will take, probably another couple of days. So please don't panic! We will be back, and we will not have lost any of the data from the forums. All your posts and stuff will still be there, and we will still have the same URL. Nothing will have changed - it'll just run faster!

Again, I very sincerely apologise that no mass mail was sent about this. If we had had better notice, I would have made sure you all knew what the situation was.

So please keep checking back! We'll be back before you know it ^__^v

This entry is public, so if you want to pass the link on, feel free to do so! and feel free to ask any questions you may have here :) Please pass the word on as much as you can - but NO SPAMMING. ONLY post to Laruku or Gackt related places, and make sure no-one else has already done so. We want to pass the word along to our members but we don't want to piss everyone else off, okay? :P

Thanks for your patience,
(co-admin of Pieces, admin/owner of Seki-Ray)