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Tour goods and fan items sale

Hello, I'm relocating soon so I need to reduce my belongings. I have a lot of tour goods and fan goods collected from years ago, most of which are unused and kept in good condition. I'm selling everything in their original price or lower, so please take a look at the list and I hope you'll find something you like!

Images can be found in this album:

UV File 1999 – 2004: USD$20 RARE

Tour pamphlet: USD$20 each or USD$100 for all 7 (R&R, Kagen no Tsuki, Jogen no Tsuki, 6th Day 7th Night, Diabolos, DRUG, R&RII; Also have Diabolos and DRUG to sell separately at USD$20 each.)
Postcards: USD$10 or USD$40 for all 6 (Mars, R&R, Jogen no Tsuki, DRUG x2, Uesugi Kenshin)

From Jogen no Tsuki
Clear files (set of 5, unused): USD$15

From 6th Day 7th Night
Mini poster set: USD$10

From Diabolos
Tour book: USD$20
Mini poster set: USD$10
Clear files (set of 3, unused): USD$10

From Requiem et Reminiscence II
Picture Book: USD$15
Notebook: USD$10
Keychains: USD$15 each or USD$50 for all 5 (Chubu, Kanto, Kyushu, Tohoku, Chugoku) Also have 4 Chubu keychains to sell separately at USD$15 each.
Pin badge (set of 3): USD$3 (Tokyo, Osaka, Chiba)
Cat paws x 2: USD$25 each or USD$40 for both
Plastic tote bag: USD$10
R&R II Arena live t-shirts (M-size): USD$25 each, or $100 for all 5 (Each set comes with a badge and a keychain. From Tokyo, Saitama, Osaka, Chiba and Nagoya.)
Clear file: USD$5
Clear file: USD$1

Gakuen School
Whole set for USD$50
- Pin badge (set of 3): USD$10
- Buttons (set of 4): USD$5
- Necktie pin x 1: USD$10
- School emblem x 2: USD$20 each
- Tie: USD$25
Notebooks (set of 4): USD$10
Cellphone strap x 2: USD$5 each
Keychains (set of 5): USD$40 (baseball, soccer, uniform, basketball, kendo)
Keychains (set of 4): USD$30 (baseball, soccer, uniform, basketball)
Plastic tote bag: USD$10
Towel: USD$15
Photos (set of 8): USD$15

Uesugi Kenshin (Furin Kazan official goods)
Stamp sheet: USD$5
Keychain assortments: USD$5
Kenshin Keychain (set of 2): USD$15
Uesugi Kenshin official mug: USD$15

Desktop Calendar 2003: US$2
Desktop Calendar 2009: USD$5
Moon Child pamphlet: USD$10
Moon child clear file 1 (unused): USD$5
Moon child clear file 2 (unused): USD$5
Elle's poker card: USD$5
Dears Memorial Box 2000-2008 (Vol. 1 – 28): USD$50
Fanclub magazine (Gackt GLOBALS Vol. 1 – 13 [Vol.5 and 10 missing, sorry!]): USD$50
Small Blanket from Dears tour: USD$15
Kawaguchi Autorace promotional clear file (set of 2, unused): USD$5

I also have all of the posters from the concerts. I didn’t include them in the list because I haven’t sorted them out, but let me know if you are interested!

+All prices are in USD and I only accept Paypal.

+All items will ship registered mail from Japan. Choices of shipping are SAL, Airmail and EMS. Shipping charges vary accordingly.

+All items are in good condition, unless otherwise specified. Returns not accepted.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! :)

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