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Dark Mistress of Translation

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I am currently enamored and obsessed (my friends can attest to that!) with this amazing man called Gackt. I am also very into language (fluent in 3 currently: English, Chinese and Indonesian and studying lots more: Japanese, French, Korean, Arabic, Latin and Greek) and manga. I'm living in Japan right now, doing my bachelor's degree in Japanese Language and Studies. And erm nothing else besides that really, just some trivial information which you should already know of if you are my friend. Ha~

Sometimes I translate magazines and clips that Gackt appeared in and I would normally put them up in the memories section as well, so if you would like to read any translations of mags/clips, you can try your luck there. But please keep in mind that my Japanese isn't very strong, so some of the translations might be wrong. ^^" But if you do read my translations, please kindly comment on it. I think it's common courtesy to do so!

Feel free to add me if you want~~ I'm always open to meeting new people, especially if they are Gackt fans too! Just leave a comment on any journal entries and I will be most willing to entertain you. ^^ Or poke me if you are in Japan and let's meet up~!

Note: 90% of this journal would be talking about Gackt and I am working hard to convert all my friends into a Gackt fan. So, consider yourself warned, oho~
Having said that, welcome folks, to me journal~~

Credit: Title as given by japonais...

A bunch of good friends of mine and I opened a new Gackt fansite, Eien no Yume, in August 2007. The goal is to make it a all-you-need, one-stop Gackt fansite. XD; Do check it out if you are free. (Coz it's really good! XD)

A fansite dedicated to Gackt